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Reply To: 2FA

  • New features
    • Backend feature added.
  • Improvements
    • Made alternative 2FA backup methods available in first-install wizard to give users more prominence, so users can use them.
    • Conflict fixes with other functions that may occur.
    • Applied several improvements to the 2FA user wizard for better UX.
    • Removed redundant cron job.
    • Removed redundant code (it was no longer needed due to change and improvement in functionality).
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed: sends two emails when clicking the “Resend code” button.
    • Added additional checks to ensure that all the “No 2FA method selected” scenarios are handled.
    • Fixed a number of spelling mistakes.
    • Fixed: fatal error that may occur in some cases.
    • Addressed a number of PHP warnings.
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