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This is the new way you have to do it.

  1. Install Android SDK
  2. Download Custom Tone(s)
  3. Enable ADB Debugging in Galaxy Watch 4/5
    • Head over to Settings > About Watch > Software and tap Software Version 7 times.
    • Then go to Developer Options and enable the toggle next to ADB Debugging.
    • After that, scroll down a little bit and enable the toggle next to Debug over WiFi.
    • It will now bring up the IP Address, note it down somewhere [do not include the port number, i.e. values after the colon].
    • For example, if the entire value is, then your IP will be
  4. Connect Galaxy Watch 4/5 to PC via ADB Command.
    • $ adb connect IP
    • You will now get a prompt on your watch, tap OK or Always Allow from this computer.
    • Finally, execute the below command to verify the ADB Connection between your watch and PC
      • $ adb devices
    • You will now get your IP Address and port number, followed by the ‘device’ keyword. This signifies that the connection has been successfully established.
  5. Send Custom Tones to Watch via ADB
    • CD to the sound file on your computer
    • Remove any spaces in the sound file and make it shorter named, if needed.
      • $ adb push file_name.mp3 /sdcard/Ringtones/
      • $ adb push file_name.mp3 /sdcard/Notifications/
      • $ adb push file_name.mp3 /sdcard/Alarms/
    • For example, I’m transferring the Droidwin.mp3 ringtone file, so the command in my case will be:
      • $ adb push Droidwin.mp3 /sdcard/Ringtones/
  6. Refresh Watch Sound Storage
    • Now execute the below command to refresh the watch’s sound storage settings so that it is able to identify the newly added sound. Make sure to replace the file type [notifications, ringtones, or alarm] and filename accordingly in the below command:
      • $ adb shell am broadcast -a android.intent.action.MEDIA_SCANNER_SCAN_FILE -d file:///storage/emulated/0/Ringtones/Droidwin.mp3 >nul
  7. Bring up Sound File ID
    • You will now have to bring up the file ID for the newly added sound. So use the below command for that:
      • $ adb shell content query --uri content://media/external/audio/media/ --projection _id:_display_name
    • For example, in my case the file name is Droidwin.mp3 and the corresponding ID is 38.
  8. Add Sound to System
    • Finally, you will now have to add that file ID to the system. In other words, add that custom sound to the system sound settings.
    • So use the command depending on the file that you want to add. Likewise, replace ID according to the value that you got in the above command:
      • Ringtones –> $ adb shell settings put system ringtone content://media/external/audio/media/ID
        Notifications –> $ adb shell settings put system notification_sound content://media/external/audio/media/ID
        Alarms –> $ adb shell settings put system alarm_alert content://media/external/audio/media/ID
    • For example, I’m adding a ringtone named Droidwin.mp3 with File ID 38, so the above command will transform to:
      • $ adb shell settings put system ringtone content://media/external/audio/media/38
    • The sound has now been added to your watch. You could access it from Settings > Sounds and Vibrations  > Ringtones/Notification Sounds.
  9. That’s it. These were the steps to add custom notifications, ringtones, and alarm sounds on your Galaxy Watch 4/5.

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