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Android as a Wi-Fi Speaker (Xubuntu)

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    First we will need to create a script. The script is found below.

    Make sure you name is pashare when creating the empty file, with the code.

    The next step will be to open terminal in the folder you created the script and run the command pactl list | grep Name This command will help you find what part of the code you need to change.

    Where is says “” you need to input the device name called “monitor” or something similar, that you found in the terminal command above. After you do that, you need to save it.

    Once saved, you need to download and install the following app on your phone, PulseDroid.apk.

    After installing, return to terminal and run the following commands.

    Computer connected to Wi-Fi

    Computer connected via hard wire.

    After you do that, you need to run the command.

    In your phone, enter the IP address you were given above, and input the port, 8000. Click start and you should be streaming the audio. Enjoy!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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