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Dragon Player (Debian) [Suggestion]

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    Dragon Player is a multimedia player using Phonon technology where the focus is on simplicity, instead of features.

    Dragon Player does one thing, and only one thing, which is playing multimedia files. Its simple interface is designed not to get in your way and instead empower you to simply play multimedia files.

    This is free and open source software. It was originally developed by Max Howell and called Codeine.

    Features include:

    • Simple Interface.
    • Resuming videos: Starts playing a video where you were watching it last time.
    • Support for subtitles: Automatically loads subtitles with the matching name.
    • Video display settings (brightness, contrast, hue and saturation). These settings are stored together with the playback position for each video file. This enables you to resume playing a video with the selected video settings and the position where you stopped playing.
    • Due to using Solid and Phonon DragonPlayer is independent of any multimedia framework or hardware abstraction layer.
    • Supports playing CDs and DVDs. If that is still your thing.
    • Plays multimedia streams.
    • Full screen mode

    How to install
    $ sudo apt install dragonplayer

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