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Enable Burn in Protection (Wear OS)

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    What is burn in? This is when your watch or device has an image that stays on the screen for an extended time. That means you have the screen always showing something, like the time, at all times. IN this case the watch will show this time even when you change the watch face. Well, for your watch, there is a built-in function that will fix this, but it is a hidden feature. Why? I am not sure.

    How to enable it.

    So, to enable this Burn in Protection feature, we first need to enable Developer Mode on the Wear OS device. This should be the same for all Wear OS smartwatches, just like it’s the same for all Android smartphones and tablets. To do this, toggles by swiping down and go into the Wear OS Settings. Then scroll all the way down and tap on the ‘About’ option. From here, tap on the ‘Build Number’ option 7-10 times. You’ll see a toast message pop up that will tell you if you continue tapping then you’ll enable Developer Mode and this is exactly what we want to do.

    When you tap on this Build Number option enough times, you’ll be told that Developer Mode has been enabled and from here we can swipe the screen to the right to go back into the main Android Wear Settings page. If not, you can start over and just go into the Settings page like normal. This time, when you scroll all the way down to the bottom, there will be a new option right under the About option. Tap on the ‘Developer Options’ option that you see here, and then you’ll want to scroll down a little until you see the ‘Wear Developer Options’ entry. Tapping on this will take you into yet another menu of options and this is where the burn in protection feature is hidden.

    All you have to do now is tap on the ‘Force Display Burn in Protection’ and then you’ll see a toast message that tells you to restart the device. So go ahead and restart the Wear OS smartwatch and the special feature will be enabled by default. Now, what this feature does is it will adjust the watch face that you’re using from time to time. This will prevent the pixels on your display from being burnt in and this will help to keep your device lasting longer.

    Below is lime lapse of this function.

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