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How Creating ZIPFolders for Windows almost got me FIRED from Microsoft! [Video]

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    The video showcases Dave, an individual who worked for Microsoft, discussing the development of the Windows 95 operating system and its innovative features. Dave highlights the introduction of the shell extensions, which allowed for greater customization and functionality of the system. He also talks about the integration of Zip files, making it easier for users to compress and decompress files.

    Dave shares his insights on the challenges faced during the development process, including legal issues and cold-calling potential partners. He also discusses the impact of this operating system on his career and the tech industry as a whole. The video provides a unique perspective on the early days of Microsoft and the evolution of personal computing.

    In addition, Dave shares his thoughts on the importance of coding and programming, emphasizing the value of these skills in both professional and personal growth. He also touches on the topic of autism and its connection to the tech industry, sharing his experience with hiring individuals on the autism spectrum for their unique skills and perspectives. The video is not only a historical record of a significant moment in tech history, but also a source of inspiration and motivation for those pursuing a career in the field.

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