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How to enable ECG and Blood Pressure features on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

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    The Samsung Galaxy Watch offers support for a wide array of health tracking and fitness features. However, some of these features are not available to all users. For instance, the ECG and blood pressure features are restricted to certain regions, and you can’t use them when the watch is paired with a non-Samsung phone even in supported regions. Thankfully, there’s a workaround to get these features across all regions, even on non-Samsung devices. If you’re using your Galaxy Watch with a non-Samsung phone or don’t have access to the features due to regional restrictions, here’s how you can enable ECG and blood pressure on your Galaxy Watch.

    These are the steps to get it working …

      1. Download the modded Samsung Health Monitor app

      2. Make sure to download this application on your phone. You will be sending it to your watch, by doing the following.
        – Settings
        – About Watch
        – Software Info
        – Software Version [Press 5 Times]
        – Back [2 Times]
        – Developer options
        – Turn on ADB debugging
        – Turn on Debug over Wi-Fi
        – Make a note of the IP address. If you see none, go back to your home screen, and back into Developer options. You should see it at this point
      3. Install/Download the following app
      4. Open Easy Fire Tools
      5. Click the three lines in the top left of the application
      6. Click settings
      7. Input the IP address from your watch, that you noted before
      8. Go back.
      9. Click the wire icon on the top right of the app after you make sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi
      10. Click OK on the watch.
      11. Click Custom APK File
      12. Browse for the downloaded file and install the APK file
      13. Wait for the file to be sent, and installed
      14. Open the following link on your phone
      15. Click and download the application in the following picture
      16. Use your file manager on your cellphone and install the application you just downloadedAt this point you should be done and be able to use the ECG and some other Samsung Health features on your phone. You just need to open the application on your watch and follow the directions.

        NOTE: Make sure ADB debugging is disabled after setting this up. If you do not do this, you will drain your battery at a quicker rate, and you will leave a security hole open. You only want ADB debugging enabled when you are using this feature.

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