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    • PHP – Fixed a PHP issue that was causing a conflict with a hook not being applied correctly.
    • Backend – Fixed minor backend bugs and made some other backend improvements.
    • Function – Fixed a fatal error that was causing an issue with code.
    • Images – Fixed an image dynamic tag that was not working in background images.
    • Under construction – Fixed some bugs in the under constructions page.
    • Cache – Added some backend features, fixed a PHP 8.2 compatibility error, fixed a backend conflict with Azure, fixed some object cache, added a missing Page Cache configuration “host” value, fixed missing on_comment_status action callback, fixed flush cache on attachment update, fixed varnish flush for posts, improved comment status logic for flushing database and object caches, adjusted FTP form style, and removed duplicated components and added a notice if one is used.
    • Security – 2FA improvements, and fixed a reCAPTCHA logo issue.
    • 2FA – New option to send newly generated backup codes via email with just a click. Added instructions on how to manually copy the private key. Fixed minor backend issues with 2FA.
    • Fixed memory leak under specific conditions.
    • Minor optimizations.
    • Login logo – Some minor fixes.
    • Backend – Some other backend fixes and optimizations.
    • SEO changes and backend fixes.
    • Registration bug fixes.
    • Backend theme improvements and bug fixes.
    • Security changes with 2FA and other security improvements and fixes.
    • Backend enhancements and performance improvements.
    • Registration bug fixes and improvements.
    • Forum Topic Polls improvements, bug fixes, and back-end updates.
    • Site backup software improvements, bug fixes, and added features.
    • Cache enhancements.
    • Other enhancements, performance improvements and bug fixes.
Viewing 4 posts - 106 through 109 (of 109 total)
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