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T-Mobile Digits & Rambox

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    If you do not know Rambox is an all-in-one messenger that can include custom applications. One of the applications I was trying to get working was Digits. This is an application and website that allows T-Mobile customers to be able to connect to their number for calling and text messaging. Anyway, what I was trying to do is connect Digits to Rambox and it did not work for everything I did, except one way.

    Below is how I did it.

    1. Download Rambox if you have not done so.
    2. Click the plus icon.
    3. Click the “Add custom app’ button.
    4. Go to https://digits.t-mobile.com/#/ in Google Chrome.
    5. Click the “Log In” button in Google Chrome.
    6. Copy the link in the address bar.
    7. Paste the link in the URL section of Rambox.
    8. Change Hibernate to 0 in the after box.
    9. Click “Advanced”.
    10. Toggle on “Force mobile rendering”.
    11. Click “+ Save”.
    12. Login to your account on Rambox.
      Note: You will get an error message after logging in.
    13. Right-click the custom T-mobile app.
    14. Click “Settings”.
    15. Click “Advanced”.
    16. Turn off “Force mobile rendering”.
    17. The custom app should reload. If it does not, right-click the custom app and click the reload icon.

    You should be in on your account with the ability to see your messages and other content.

    Note: Your microphone may not work. I have tested this and in my testing, it showed to work well. You might also have to turn on “Force mobile rendering” every time you start Rambox and you might have to disable it after logging in to your “T-mobile Digits” account.

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