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    tgpt is a cross-platform command-line interface (CLI) tool that allows you to use AI chatbot in your Terminal without requiring API keys.

    Currently available providers:

    Image Generation Model: Craiyon V3


    Usage: tgpt [Flags] [Prompt]

    -s, –shell Generate and Execute shell commands. (Experimental)
    -c, –code Generate Code. (Experimental)
    -q, –quiet Gives response back without loading animation
    -w, –whole Gives response back as a whole text
    -img, –image Generate images from text
    –provider Set Provider. Detailed information has been provided below (Env: AI_PROVIDER)

    Some additional options can be set. However not all options are supported by all providers. Not supported options will just be ignored.
    –model Set Model
    –key Set API Key
    –url Set OpenAI API endpoint url
    –temperature Set temperature
    –top_p Set top_p
    –max_length Set max response length

    -v, –version Print version
    -h, –help Print help message
    -i, –interactive Start normal interactive mode
    -m, –multiline Start multi-line interactive mode
    -cl, –changelog See changelog of versions
    -u, –update Update program

    The default provider is phind. The AI_PROVIDER environment variable can be used to specify a different provider.
    Available providers to use: openai, opengpts, koboldai, phind, llama2, blackboxai, ollama and groq

    Provider: openai
    Needs API key to work and supports various models. Recognizes the OPENAI_API_KEY and OPENAI_MODEL environment variables.

    Provider: opengpts
    Uses gpt-3.5-turbo only. Do not use with sensitive data

    Provider: koboldai
    Uses koboldcpp/HF_SPACE_Tiefighter-13B only, answers from novels

    Provider: phind
    Uses Phind Model. Great for developers

    Provider: llama2
    Llama 2 is an open source large language model (LLM) developed by Meta AI. Uses llama2-70b by default. Supports other models.

    Provider: blackboxai
    Uses BlackBox model. Great for developers

    Provider: ollama
    Needs to be run locally. Supports many models

    Provider: groq
    Requires a free API Key. Supports LLaMA2-70b & Mixtral-8x7b

    tgpt “What is internet?”
    tgpt -m
    tgpt -s “How to update my system?”
    tgpt –provider opengpts “What is 1+1”
    tgpt –provider openai –key “sk-xxxx” –model “gpt-3.5-turbo” “What is 1+1”
    cat install.sh | tgpt “Explain the code”


    Download for GNU/Linux 🐧 or MacOS 🍎

    The default download location is /usr/local/bin, but you can change it in the command to use a different location. However, make sure the location is added to your PATH environment variable for easy accessibility.

    You can download it with the following command:
    $ curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aandrew-me/tgpt/main/install | bash -s /usr/local/bin

    If you are using Arch Linux, you can install the AUR package with paru:

    $ paru -S tgpt-bin

    Or with yay:

    $ yay -S tgpt-bin

    Install with Go

    You need to add the Go install directory to your system’s shell path.

    $ go install github.com/aandrew-me/tgpt/v2@latest

    Updating ⬆️

    If you installed the program with the installation script, you may update it with

    $ tgpt -u

    It may require admin privileges.



    Http Proxy [ http://ip:port ]
    Http Auth [ http://user:pass@ip:port ]
    Socks5 Proxy [ socks5://ip:port ]
    Socks5 Auth [ socks5://user:pass@ip:port ]

    If you want to use a proxy, create proxy.txt file in the same directory from where you are executing the file and write your proxy configuration there.


    From Release

    You can download the executable for your operating system, rename it to tgpt (or any other desired name), and then execute it by typing ./tgpt while in that directory. Alternatively, you can add it to your PATH environmental variable and then execute it by simply typing tgpt.


    If you installed with the install script, you can execute the following command to remove the tgpt executable

    $ sudo rm $(which tgpt)

    Configuration file is usually located in ~/.config/tgpt on GNU/Linux Systems and in "Library/Application Support/tgpt" on MacOS


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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