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Twin Mirror [Recommendation]

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    Samuel “Muley” Higgs, formerly known as an investigative journalist, returns to Basswood, West Virginia in light of his close friend Nick’s death. He originally left Basswood due to an article he wrote about the coal mines, which ultimately got them closed, leaving hundreds without jobs and angry townsfolk who all despise Sam. During his stay in the town, Nick’s daughter, Joan, asks him to check on the events leading up to Nick’s death as she finds his activity before he died suspicious. The player can decide whether to look into the events resulting in Nick’s death, but will ultimately be forced to investigate. Sam teams up with Anna, his ex-girlfriend who knew Nick well as they worked together in the Basswood Jungle, in the hope that by following leads and investigating clues may lead to finding the source of Nick’s death.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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