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Connect Bluetooth Speaker (Device) on Startup [Linux]

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    1. Pair the device as you normally would. This is to get the Bluetooth address.
    2. Find the Bluetooth address. An example is “18:13:C2:D4:E4:EF”.
    3. Open terminal and run the following command …
      $ bluetoothctl
    4. Now connect the device by running the following command …
      $ connect 18:13:C2:D4:E4:EF
      Make sure you replace the address with the Bluetooth address of your device, that you want to connect. If everything works, and connects like it should, you did it correctly.
    5. Run the following commands. This is going to be a place you can save your scripts. For this example, we saved them in a folder located in your home folder that can be used for other scripts. You can use any location you want. This is just a suggestion.
      $ cd ~/Documents
      $ mkdir Scripts
    6. The next command is an example of a file you will create that will hold the commands you need, which will run on a system start.
      $ mousepad speaker.sh
    7. This is an example of what the file should look like.
    8. Make sure you save the file.
    9. Run the following command to open your startup applications configuration software. This command could be different on different flavors of Linux.
      $ xfce4-session-settings
    10. Do the following, which you see in the picture. The name and command location, might be different. This is just an example.
    11. Now you need to save any tasks you are doing on your computer, make sure the device is turned on, and reboot your system. To reboot the system, using terminal, run the following command.
      $ sudo shutdown -r now
    12. If the device auto connects when you started your computer, you did it correctly.
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