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Disable Ads in apps and websites, without root (Android)

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    1. Download Adguard.
    2. Install
    3. Open Adguard
    4. Press three dots on the top left of the application.
    5. Click settings.
    6. Click Advanced.
    7. Change “Proxy setup mode” to Manual
    8. Open Wi-Fi that you are connected to. Only works on Wi-Fi and must be configured on each Wi-Fi you connect to.
    9. Modify the network.
    10. Click “Show advanced options”.
    11. “Proxy Settings” => Manual
    12. “Proxy Port” => 8080
    13. “Proxy hostname” =>
    14. Click “Save”.
    15. Configure all other Wi-Fi connections that you connect to.
    16. To disable, set the Wi-Fi back to the default settings.
    17. Open “Adguard”.
    18. Click the gray power button. It should change to “Protection is enabled”.
    19. Click the three dots in the upper left.
    20. Click “Check Updates”.
    21. Enjoy.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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