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Unlimited USB Tethering

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    This can work in many operating systems, but the video below talks about how to do it in Linux. It is harder to setup in Linux, but when you set it up, you can use it easily.

    1. Install “Clockworkmod Tether” on Android.
    2. Download tether for linux.
    3. Copy tether to you home/downloads folder.
    4. Extract the file.
    5. Open the file you just uncompressed.
    6. sudo apt-get install libssl-dev -y
    7. sudo apt-get install build-essential -y
    8. sudo apt-get install libncurses5:i386 -y
    9. cd node
    10. ./configure
    11. make
    12. cd ..
    13. cd linux
    14. Make sure you are connected to your phone with USB and that you have tether turned on within the “Clockworkmod Tether”.
    15. sudo ./run.sh
    16. Repeat steps 12 through 14 to start each time.

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